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1 pound unsearched

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Unsearched Wheat Cent Disclaimer

All of the wheat cents classified as unsearched are unsearched. We define unsearched coin as:

We have not identified the coins for their numismatic coin collector value. Unsearched means not searched by us. You could find key dates, error coins, and other great rare finds. Then again, you might not. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee you’ll find anything of great value (as much as we would love to) because we have not searched through the coins ourselves. It really comes down to coin hunting excitement, fun, and luck. If we did search through them, they’d no longer be classified as “unsearched.”

Why don’t we sort through our coins? Because we go through tons upon tons of coins. We realistically and physically do not have the time to hand sort. Our goal is for you to have the fun of rare coin hunting and if you do find something, we’d love to hear about your finds! Coin collecting is very exciting for us and we hope you have just as much excitement in it as we do!


wheat cents




U.S. Unsearched Wheat Cents 1 Pound

1 pound wheat cents
1 cloth bag, 1 box




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Quick and easy 150 individual coin wheat cent package of unsearched wheat cents. The excitement of potentially finding a rare wheat cent is always a great feeling and you never know what you could find. Of course, rare coins are rare for a reason. Test your luck with this 1 pound package of unsearched wheat cents today.

These wheat cents are unsearched.

Wheat Cent Specifications


  • Weight: Approximately 1 pounds

  • Coins: Approximately 150 wheat cents

  • Coin Bags: 1 bag

  • Boxes Mailed: 1 box
  • Wheat Cent Shipping

    We usually ship within 1-2 business days upon receipt of full payment and correct shipping information.

    All purchases ship secured and insured.

    International Purchases are not accepted. U.S. law and Continental U.S. mainland shipping only.

    All sales are final and non-refundable.

    Wheat Cent Disclaimer

    Do Not Melt

    CC Enterprises LLC does not encourage the melting of coins for their value (at least not yet). As of January 3, 2007, it is illegal to do so under U.S. Law Title 31, Subtitle IV, Chapter 51, Subchapter II, Sec. 5111. Please feel welcome to review the laws on the Office of the Law Revision Counsel web site by clicking here for general rules and the revisions here. Here is another Source as well.

    CC Enterprises LLC will not conduct business with any person, business, or entity that engages in illegal activities. No exceptions.