All of the wheat cents classified as unsearched are unsearched. We define unsearched coin as:

We have not identified the coins for their numismatic coin collector value. Unsearched means not searched by us. You could find key dates, error coins, and other great rare finds. Then again, you might not. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee you’ll find anything of great value (as much as we would love to) because we have not searched through the coins ourselves. It really comes down to coin hunting excitement, fun, and luck. If we did search through them, they’d no longer be classified as “unsearched.”

Why don’t we sort through our coins? Because we go through tons upon tons of coins. We realistically and physically do not have the time to hand sort. Our goal is for you to have the fun of rare coin hunting and if you do find something, we’d love to hear about your finds! Coin collecting is very exciting for us and we hope you have just as much excitement in it as we do![/wptab]


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