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Wheat cents stopped being minted in 1958. They don’t make them anymore, so supply inevitably is dwindling.


Even the common wheat cent becomes rare when you can’t find them anymore.

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No Excessive Stories

Whether you call them wheat pennies or wheat cents, buying unsearched wheat cents is tough with lots of needed trust. After all, wheat cents have been around for many decades.

We don’t have long, unnecessary stories or explanations of how we have wheat cents.

We just simply have wheat cents and the following statement:

Our promise is that we have not searched this coin other than to verify that the coins are Lincoln wheat cents.

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Our Wheat Cent Goal

Our goal is help people have the excitement of finding rare wheat cent key dates, errors, and just plain fun in searching through potentially valuable wheat cents!


Our unsearched wheat cents are exactly that: Unsearched. We have not looked through them so though we can’t guarantee rare coins, we can guarantee the possibility of any wheat cent rare coin find out there.

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