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The Wheat Penny – Wheat Cents
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The Wheat Penny

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The Lincoln Wheat Cent is typically referred to as the Wheat Penny. It was created from 1909 to 1958.

President Theodore Roosevelt was an art lover and felt that the coins in The united states paled to the artistic renditions of other countries. The wheat penny was built by Victor David Brenner and featured a portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the front with two stalks of wheat on the again. At first, Victor David Brenner’s initials ended up positioned on the wheat penny but general public outcry determined the U. S. Mint to clear away them. Wheat pennies with the designer’s initials are considered additional useful and only 484,000 ended up created. Even poor-excellent 1909-S VDB wheat pennies bring hundreds of dollars. The price of wheat pennies greatly increases if it is in mint ailment and can bring as considerably as $6000 to $12,000 dollars. Another wheat penny of excellent price is the 1914-D. Around 1.2 million was minted. They have been documented to be auctioned for as considerably as $16,000 if they ended up uncirculated.

A Short Heritage about the Wheat Penny

It was considered unacceptable in The united states to spot an impression of a true man or woman, living or dead, on circulating coins. The only illustration of a man or woman at this time was Pass up Liberty or the Statue of Liberty. Even so, slain president Abraham Lincoln was a respected icon and after President Roosevelt noticed Victor David Brenner’s bronze rendition of Abraham Lincoln, he fashioned the plan of paying out tribute to him by symbolizing his impression on the Wheat Penny.

All through the time of WWII, copper was considered a vital materials. In response to obtaining a materials to switch copper, the US Mint commenced making steel pennies with zinc coating in 1943. The coins rusted and the zinc plating grew to become worn very quickly. The following yr, copper was once more made use of to make wheat pennies with recycled gun shell casings. The choice to use postwar navy recycled elements was in essence the US Governments way of conserving confined metallic resources.

In 1955, the US Mint designed a unusual minting mistake that resulted in somewhere around 20,000 to 24,000 wheat pennies getting double minted. Even while the blunder was learned before these wheat pennies ended up launched, it was decided to launch anyway with the hopes that the blunder would not be learned. The publicity that the mistake produced commenced a substantial desire in coin amassing and in particular those people with die problems.

In 1959, in honor of the a hundredth anniversary of the start of Abraham Lincoln’s, the Lincoln Memorial Wheat Penny was redesigned by Frank Gasparro. His design and style replaced the two wheat stalks on the again with a portrait of the Lincoln Memorial.

In 1982, the Mint transitioned from various alloy styles. At this time, there must have been 4 various Lincoln Cent versions. Even so the Mint designed a unusual die improve in 1982 making “Significant Day and Tiny Day” versions. Immediately after all changes ended up designed, there ended up 7 major circulation styles of the 1982 Lincoln Memorial Penny.

Wheat Pennies Nowadays

Most wheat pennies are held in personal collections and are a normal collectible coin in the US.  It has been rumored that the US Mint is contemplating retiring the Lincoln Cent after a hundred years in circulation simply because the charge to make them is increased than their price.

Source by Jeff Leftwich